No. 52 The Oregano
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In addition to being just one of the most popular culinary plants today - oregano has been consumed throughout history as a source of medicinal healing and preservative.

In the Roman period, it was consumed to prevent poisoning and placed in bathrooms to stop the effects of poisoning.

In the days before cooling and food safety laws, it provided at least some protection against mad cow and foodborne illness, including recipes. Even before modern antibiotics, the oregano oil was used to medicate bandages.

In general, oregano is a unique food in supporting digestive, nervous and other body systems as well as thyme, immune and respiratory systems. It is a serious powerhouse when it comes to staying healthy.

Let's list some of the best methods that this herb can help improve your health as follows:

  1. It strengthens the body by strengthening, it is a one-to-one solution for possible fatigue.
  2. It is known to strengthen the nervous system and prevent stress and nervous diseases.
  3. Due to its appetizing effect, it resolves this problem of the poor people in a short time.
  4. It has a preventive effect on rhythm disturbances in the heart and other heart diseases. It offers an effective solution for those with heart palpitations.
  5. It is very useful for intestinal inflammation and intestinal problems.
  6. One of the best diuretics for those with urination problems is oregano.
  7. People who have intestinal worms in their intestines can lower their intestinal worms by consuming oregano.
  8. It is used to solve problems such as anemia and anorexia in children.
  9. Oregano juice is also very good for rheumatic diseases. Those with rheumatism can massage the areas where they have rheumatism problems with thyme water.
  10. It is a very good medicine for diseases such as flu, asthma, bronchitis.
  11. Oregano tea have a regulatory effect for those women who have problems during the period terms.
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